What I hope to accomplish by 2030

My desires may change, but so far I have a few goals to hit by 2030:

Have a house and land

I’ve always wanted my own land. The tricky part is picking where and when to pull the trigger. Right now we’re leaning towards the Pacific Northwest, but we’ve also never been up there, so we want to visit first.

Create a site that makes money

I’ve always been interested in having my own website. I have a few right now: this one, one about marketing, and another about life optimizations. But none have really been focused towards making money. I hope to drive more traffic to the marketing and optimizations sites, and make money off of affiliate revenue. Another idea is to build a separate niche affiliate site to try my hand, the problem is that I get bored very quickly after starting something. So hopefully I can find a topic that holds my interest and stick with it long enough to make some money.

Travel abroad for 3 months straight

This is a goal my fiance and I have. It’s definitely doable since my job is remote. The issue is timing it right so we’re out of an apartment lease and finding someone to watch our dog.