Use this list if you’re planning to move (life optimization #3)

Moving is a huge hassle, especially if you’re moving an entire home full of stuff for a big family. It can feel overwhelming.

There’s a really great checklist from that gives you things to do 8, 6, 4, 2 weeks out from the move and for the week of the move and one week after the move.

I plan to use this when we move in a few months.

Things like:

  • Getting boxes (especially free used ones)
  • Scheduling a mover (if you need one)
  • Confirm parking for your moving truck (some areas may require permits)
  • Sign up with new cable and internet provider
  • Update voter registration
  • Recycle and dispose of toxic chemicals
  • Cancel memberships
  • Remove light bulbs from lamps you are moving
  • Forward your mail
  • Change address for SSA benefits
  • Transfer prescriptions to a new pharmacy

Check out the rest of the checklist here