Things I believe but could change my mind about

This is a list of things I believe but could easily change my mind on if I hear a good argument or get some data. They’re my “strong opinions loosely held”. I often don’t have many opinions where I wouldn’t change my mind, and I like that, it’s fun to hear an opposing view that makes me rethink my viewpoint.

So if you have an opposing argument then DM me on Twitter @habitlauren

  • You should only work 4-5 hours a day, anymore than that and you’re getting diminishing results. This is for work you’re forced to do (office jobs, retail, etc.). But if you’re working on something you enjoy, then spending more time doesn’t reduce results.
  • Waking up early is better than waking up later in terms of health, better work output, mood. Only a small portion of the population feels better waking up late.
  • 60% of marketers have good intentions and do the right thing, 30% have good intentions but will do the wrong thing for the right price, 10% will always have bad intentions
  • Most of life is theatre. The majority of people do things because they think that’s what they’re supposed to do without thinking it through
  • Reading is a good use of time, but not for all books
  • Nice lighting can really improve your work output, mood, energy. Bad lighting can have a deleterious effect (hospitals, schools) that isn’t taken seriously enough
  • People should not live in desert areas
  • Society would be better off if we watched less bad TV
  • UBI is a great idea but will have little support, especially from conservatives, even those that would benefit from it
  • Christianity is harmful
  • A lot of talent is wasted at companies that don’t add value to society
  • Many physical spaces are not thought through as well as they could be such as parking lots with huge rocks obstructing views of oncoming cars
  • Eventually, enough people will have gotten a cheap Chinese product on Amazon that they won’t want to shop there again for certain goods but Amazon won’t get rid of the Chinese sellers