About Me

The Biz Side

I’m an Ecommerce Growth Consultant. I do research on sites (user testing, heatmaps, analytics, form analysis, etc.), run A/B tests, and grow their revenue with automated emails in Klaviyo.

I’ve worked remotely in the marketing/eCommerce space for the last 7 years. I’ve learned about a lot of marketing disciplines: social, content, email, marketing automation, SEO, conversion optimization. (Check out my guest post on how to become a digital marketing jack of all trades)

👉 If you want to learn conversion optimization, check out my list of 200+ ecommerce tactics.

The Personal Side

I’m always looking to learn more so I’m often on the computer or reading. I enjoy being outside for the few months it’s nice out here in Texas

  • Addicted to coffee
  • Always looking for new podcasts or books
    • Favorites: This American Life, Planet Money
  • Like to find new places to travel
    • Some favorites: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Prague, Switzerland, Malta
  • Enjoy finding new topics to learn & obsess about (check out my Rabbit Holes list)
  • Plan to move to the woods one day
  • Like finding ways to optimize life & spend less
  • 珍珠奶茶 & 胡椒饼 (bubble tea & black pepper buns)

I’m curious about many topics and write about things like conversion optimization, marketing, podcasts, business ideas, simple living, frugality, and travel. (Take a look at my IdeaLab for new ideas I’m thinking about)

If you like saving time and money, check out my life optimization site where I list out ways to optimize work, travel, money, and more.

Like Marketing?

I made The Mission Marketer to help beginners get started with digital marketing if you want to check that out. 

If you’re looking for marketing ideas I have 150 of them you can download.

Also have some CRO-focused videos on product bundles, another on category pages, sizing technology for apparel stores, add to cart examples, and unique selling propositions.

Like Reading?

I am putting together some reading collections. First is a list of book lists! These are book lists from interesting people so you can see what they recommend and find more good books.

Second, I’m working on a list of my favorite longform articles. I read articles at night and constantly find new ones to add to Pocket. It’s sometimes a challenge to find things that I want to spend my time reading, and I figured I could distill my collection to share with others looking for interesting long reads.

See what books I’m currently reading.

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Follow me @HabitLauren

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Check out what skills I’m currently learning.

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