Skills I’m Working On

A/B Tests

Overall test win rate: 44.07% (78 wins out of 177 total tests)

Building a Second Brain (in progress)

I have just started this course after finishing Write of Passage. I’ll be learning how to better capture notes and ideas, and resurface them later when I want to write or am thinking about something.

Write of Passage (“completed”)

This is a course to learn how to write better and spread your ideas online. “Finished” the course! I say that in quotations because I’m sure I’ll revisit some of this. I’m still trying to develop my “personal monopoly” but I did publish my longform essay which was the capstone project. I say “completed” because I’m sure I’ll be coming back to this stuff for a long time.

Tag Manager

I just barely skimmed the surface watching the Google Tag Manager for beginners course from ConversionXL (completed). I know there are tons and tons of things I want to learn to do:

  • Data Layer
  • Ways to get interesting data into Google Analytics
  • Form engagement and tracking

Current Knowledge Level: 15%

Google Analytics

I know quite a lot about Google Analytics already. I’m in GA everyday and do 60+ page reports for clients at least once per month. But there are still many things I can learn. GTM also comes in handy here because GA only shows you so much, but with GTM you can start getting in tons and tons more data.

Current Knowledge Level: 75%

Customer Acquisition Masterclass

This is a ConversionXL course with Dan Shure teaching SEO and Jonathan Dane teaching PPC. These are two things I really want to know more about for my own curiosity and because I think it can help me with clients at work. I also want to use this knowledge to try to rank my marketing resource site. It doesn’t hurt to know a bit more about this stuff 

Course Length: 16 classes, 20 hours


  • Ranking Factors in 2017 and Beyond – Completed
  • 10 Keyword Research Steps to Content Arbitrage – Completed
  • How to Create Content That Ranks (and Keep it That Way) – Started
  • 80/20 Link Building
  • The Pillars of Bulletproof Local SEO
  • 7 Steps to Becoming A Technical SEO Rockstar
  • Pulling it All Together – Creating a Strategy
  • The Tools to Measure and Show Your Success


  • How Much Research Do You Really Need to Do? The Answer Is Counterintuitive
  • The PPC Blueprint Structure That Will Set You up for Success
  • A Foolproof Walkthrough on Building and Managing Campaigns
  • Why All Your PPC Campaigns Won’t Have an ROI
  • Exhausting Your Search & Display Options to Find Conversion Gold Mines
  • Using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Other Social to Your Advantage
  • Immediate & Longer Term Performance Optimizers
  • How To Scale a PPC Program for Continuous and Eternal ROI