Rabbit Holes

See what deep dives and rabbit holes I’ve been exploring lately.

Businesses Built Off Scraped Data

Built With
Great way to gather intelligence on competitors and find leads. You can see which sites are using which technologies (Klaviyo, A/B testing tools, etc.)

Validated Ideas 2.0
A list of 9,000 badly executed products and apps. Are you looking for project ideas? Then this list could be useful to you


Airport Retail Revolution PDF

Why is airport food so expensive?
According to data from Hudson Group, which operates 950 airport stores in the US, water bottles take up the top 5 spots on its list of top-selling items.
“In terms of dollars, airport parking is #1 but concessions run a close second,” says Blaise Waguespack, a professor of airport marketing at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. “It’s a huge business.”

Airports 4.0: Impact of Digital Transformation on Airport Economics Powerpoint
+2€ to +3€ per additional hour of dwell time in airports.
By reducing dwell time, we spend less. Could airports be artificially increasing dwell time?
Digital changes have likely hurt parking revenues (rideshare, comparing prices, etc.)

Simple Living / FIRE







Early Retirement Extreme



Antiwork Library

The Mythology of Work

The Gospel of Relaxation- William James

In Praise of Idleness- Bertrand Russell

Paradigm Shifting Books

Civilized to Death– Christopher Ryan

Bullshit Jobs – David Graeber

Watch this talk with David and Cory Doctorow or read David’s article that lead to the book to see if you’re interested in the topic


Worst Things for Sale
Just think of all the stupid stuff you see at the store and wonder “who buys this?”, this site is a collection of those.


Internet Mysteries


Lake City Quiet Pills

Cicada 3301

Silk Road


Gambling Scams
ScamWOW Podcast

Addiction by Design
Natasha Dow Schull – book

The Psychology Of Casinos
Jonah Lehrer- Wired Magazine

Episode 2: Should’ve Stayed in Vegas
Your Undivided Attention Podcdast

Queuing Theory

What happens when you add a new teller?
John D. Cook – article

Boarding at the Speed of Flight
Duke Team 2053 – Journal article

The Psychology of Waiting in Lines
David H. Maister – Journal article

Americans spend a staggering 37 billion hours waiting in line every year, and for at least a portion of these hours, we do so voluntarily. (CityLab)

MIT Professor Richard Larson “Dr. Queue”