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I heard the concept of learning out loud while listening to an episode of Nat Chat with Isaac Morehouse. It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about over the last few years and I never had a nice, succinct phrase to express the idea (thanks Isaac!).

Learning out loud is nothing fancy, and it doesn’t have to do with going back to school (fortunately). It’s really just documenting your learning process. In a sense you’re learning “out loud” by talking about it online.

With the internet, you have access to Twitter and the ability to make a simple website with a $10 domain and some decent, cheap hosting. Using these tools you can write, make videos, create audio around what you’re learning and share it.  

This is something I’d suggest anyone looking to break into marketing to start doing. And it doesn’t just apply to marketing, but since I’m in the space I’ll focus on what I know.

I’ve recommended this to people on Reddit looking to find a way into the marketing space. If you have no experience, create some! The internet allows you to learn and test out the concepts at such a low cost and with nearly zero downside.

If you’re someone who’s curious and loves learning anyway, you probably already do this.

This is what I did with my Mission Marketer site. It’s a collection of a few guides with resources to learn marketing (not active).

To those that think “Why should I waste my time on this?”, think of it this way: You’re a hiring manager with 100 job applications in front of you for an entry-level marketing position. You come across someone who has been working on a website about gardening and has a blog documenting how they’re trying to grow their garden site with SEO strategies, content marketing, and an experiment with Facebook ads and a $20 budget. Or do you go for one of the 99 other applicants with a generic resume and a cover letter that starts with “Thank you for the opportunity to apply…”.

You know who you’d want to interview.

It’s not only a useful way to stand out in the candidate pool, but it’s also a chance for you to really see what marketing is, try things out, and learn. If find out after a few months that you actually don’t like what you’re doing, then at least you’ve learned what you do and don’t like doing.

If you need a few marketing project ideas, Nat Eliason wrote about some you could try out.

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