It could be worse

When something bad or annoying happens I’ve been trying to look at it another way.

Rather than getting upset that the vet visit was $300, I say to myself “$300 is a lot better than what it would cost if she needed surgery”. Then the $300 sounds like a small sum compared to what it could have been.

I’ve been doing this a lot lately with health stuff. I’ve been going to the doctor about my back. I had an xray with no results, been taking pain relievers that don’t seem to help all that much. It all seems like a waste of money.

But then I think about what it would be like if the xray had come back with an issue that needed surgery. Or if my back was so bad I couldn’t even stand or walk.

Now these fees here and there for tests and pills don’t seem all that bad.

My fiance’s Jeep’s transmission broke. It spent 3 months in the shop! We only have that one car, but the timing was perfect because her mom had just bought a new car and was holding onto her old car as an extra for a little. My fiance was able to use that car to get to and from work.

It sucked paying for the transmission, but at least the mechanic got the car working again (he was at a point where he didn’t think he could) and we had a free extra car to use! Otherwise we would have had to rent a car for that whole time or probably had to buy a second one.

Really, what’s the worst that can happen in most situations? Aside from dying or becoming extremely injured to the point you’re almost non-functioning, most things can be dealt with.

A 10lb bag of hypoallergenic dog food is not something I want to spend $50 on, but I’d much rather pay that than lose our dog or pay thousands for surgery.

This mindset has helped me get over little things that used to bother me. Most things can be fixed with time or money, so I just don’t dwell on them for long anymore.