Get better answers when searching Google (life optimization #2)

If you’re Googling something add “Reddit” for more human responses. I do this ALL THE TIME. This is great for bypassing all of the SEO-focused articles and websites that are recommending things that aren’t in your best interest. Typically these sites are recommending products that are on Amazon, because they can get an affiliate fee. People commenting on Reddit aren’t posting for in return for kickbacks (there are some users who are shills but they can usually be spotted by looking through their post history), they’re posting to help others.

If I want to find the best earbuds, I search “Best earbuds reddit”. I check out a few posts and try to get a consensus. I want to hear from people who have used a product for months or a year, not just a reviewer who tried it out for a week or someone who hasn’t even tried it at all. I don’t buy on Amazon, because we’ve gotten things in the past that had 10,000+ reviews and over 4.5 stars but the products broke constantly. The Amazon review system is too easily gamed, it’s broken. Reddit is the best way to get reviews from actual humans.

Reddit is also great for advice on health matters. I trust responses on Reddit more than I trust many of the health websites.