380 Ecommerce Optimization Ideas

This is an Airtable of 380 ecommerce optimization ideas I’ve collected over the last 4 years. These are from research, experience with eCommerce clients, user testing, and lots and lots of reading, listening to videos and podcasts, and reviewing eCommerce stores.

This base doesn’t include the screenshot and GIF examples, or the descriptions detailing each point. I’m also considering adding videos going over the “main” best practices, how to do your own research on a budget, and teardown videos of big-name stores (Home Depot, Best Buy) as well as newer stores (Allbirds, Tushy, Keysmart).

If you’re interested in the full base of almost 1000 optimizations (plus videos), just put your email below the table and I’ll let you know once it’s available! 👇👇👇