$100 or less life optimizations

Inspired by a video from Noah Kagan and Tynan, I thought about some more ways to improve your life that cost less than $100. In the video they mentioned softer lighting (yes), hot nuts (haven’t tried), plants (yes), and a few more so go check it out!

Quality Thermos

Keeping stuff hot, longer is worth it if you want to take hot drinks out often. I have the Zojirushi thermos.

Cost: $30

Laptop Stand

It will help you stand at your desk, which I’ve found helps wake me up in the mornings and reduces back pain. When I’m sitting, the stand is good for preventing weird neck strains.

Cost: $20-$60

Hand Grinder

For coffee, I like grinding it right before drinking. I’ve noticed the difference between having pre-ground coffee and fresh-ground. I use one from Hario.

Cost: $25

Wireless Headphones

I’ve had trouble with some bluetooth headphones on Amazon, but you can get a decent pair for less than $100. I never noticed how much the cords are in the way, having the wireless ones for walks and just going around the apartment just makes things a lot easier.

Cost: Varies


My desk is in the bedroom now, and the ceiling fan light is just really ugly. We got a lamp from Ikea and it’s awesome! It has a 400 lumen, 2700 kelvin bulb and it’s a nice, soft light, perfect for working.

Cost: $50 (for this specific one)

Better Socks

I’ve gotten cheap socks…and they always end up with holes in them. My fiance got me good socks from Darn Tough and I definitely feel the difference AND no holes! They’re more expensive than other socks, for sure. But hopefully should last much longer, plus Darn Tough has a lifetime guarantee.

Cost: About $15-$30 a pair


Once I started sleeping with earplugs, I really can’t sleep without them. I bought a pack of Mack’s earplugs and they’re lasting a long time. Well worth it, especially with neighbors who like to keep their TV on all day and night.

Cost: $10 for 50 pairs