What happens when you like every Entrepreneur ad on Instagram

I have been in the marketing space for over 4 years. It’s not that long, but it’s long enough to see the trend of courses and webinars and people teaching you marketing so you can build an agency with the goal of making money while living anywhere.

The thing that attracted me to these ads is that they seem like scams. I don’t think they’re actually scams in the way that they’ll take your money and won’t send you the course you signed up for. But I see them as scammy, in that they promise you a way to live anywhere, travel, and make money by taking a course, finding clients, and doing a little work each week. A lot of people are going into these courses with the goal to work anywhere and make easy money, rather than going into it because they’re interested in marketing.

This is one of the reasons the marketing space has such a bad reputation. The fundamentals are super easy to learn, so anyone can jump in and say they’re a marketer. But to be really good you need to spend a lot of time learning, getting experience, being hands-on, and trying things.

Let me make a disclaimer though, I haven’t taken any of these courses I’ve seen advertised on Instagram. I would like to, to see if the courses are of any value, but I don’t want to waste my money.

Instead, my plan is as follows:

  1. Like all entrepreneur, business, marketing, course ads on Instagram
  2. Sign up for their webinar/case study/etc.
  3. Write about the webinars/downloadables
  4. Write about all the follow-up emails I get

That’s about it. I just want to document what these people are doing to market their courses on helping you become a marketer. It’s such a strange cycle but it’s so common!

Step 1: Learn marketing
Step 2: Get a few clients
Step 3: Realize you hate working with clients
Step 4: Start your own course

Marketing is one of those spaces where people don’t really show any evidence for work they’ve done in the past, and businesses are desperate for marketing help that they hire someone without doing research or asking for proof they know what they’re doing. You can really BS your way through marketing work with a client by telling them they won’t see results for a few months, you need to try different things, blah blah blah. A few months goes by, you’ve made your money, the client realizes you haven’t achieved much and cancels the contract and you go get a new client.

It can be hard to find honest agencies that don’t puff up their numbers, use fake case studies, or use their charm and personality to land clients rather than showing hard data and actual results.

The worst ones are the local marketing agencies. I’ve Googled some agencies in my area and NONE that I looked at had case studies. They all offered EVERYTHING: social media, web design, SEO, PPC, CRO. Agencies that do everything, are not good at anything. Specialization is what you want, but small businesses want a jack of all trades to come in and make all their problems go away. These agencies don’t know how to market themselves, no value proposition, nothing special to differentiate themselves from competitors. They just go off the fact that they’re local.

So far, I have liked a few ads and already I’m getting a stream of similar ones as well as some online colleges (and one for teeth straightening). I’ll update this post once I watch the webinars and start getting more emails.