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Discover how to optimize life, websites, travel, and learning so you can put that saved time & money towards things you enjoy.

I’ll touch on optimization, marketing, and psychology. As a Growth Consultant for eCommerce sites at a European agency, I’ve worked directly with sites in the US and EU to help them use psychology, customer research, and A/B testing to grow. I’ll share insights into web psychology, marketing tips, and optimizations for both websites and life.

The newsletter can focus on a niche topic (how Amazon optimizes their website) or go broad and cover many topics (podcasts, articles). But the one thing the newsletter will continue to do is bring up interesting content, ideas and people to help you optimize different aspects of your life.

On my journey discovering new subjects I’ll share with you the things I learn along the way.

Recent interests include:

  • The best travel itinerary for Japan
  • How to optimize a YouTube channel
  • How grocery stores use psychology to manipulate us
  • Why sand is so important
  • Dark patterns on websites
  • Optimizing academic study surveys

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