How I make side money

Aside from having a full-time job, I do little things on the side to make extra money. It’s addicting to find new ways to make money and I like the diversify my income.

Currently I’m using 6 methods to make money outside my job:

  • Fiverr
  • Studies
  • UpWork
  • Past Clients
  • Seasonal/Temporary Work
  • Referrals

I will also include other ways I’ve made money in the past, but I’m not doing them currently because the value just isn’t there anymore.


Currently I have 4 gigs up on Fiverr. I didn’t start getting any orders until February 2020, and so far I’ve done 17 gigs and made $508 (after Fiverr takes their cut).

I’ve been playing around with raising my prices which has been fine, though I do notice fewer orders recently, so I might play around with that again.

My main gig is making walk-through videos for peoples’ websites. I do anywhere from 5-30 minute videos going through areas for optimization. I have 7 five star reviews already! That’s not a ton compared to other sellers, but I’m happy with it.

I plan to make more gigs to spread out my opportunities. I can do things in Google Analytics, Klaviyo, email marketing, SharpSpring, copywriting, landing page teardowns, ad CRO.


I’ve gotten quite a lot of work from Upwork, and as much as I dislike their model and the huge cut they take, I do benefit from their network.

I mainly do SharpSpring or Klaviyo work, but I recently got work doing CRO videos for an agency, which I really enjoy doing. They found me through Upwork even though I don’t mention doing videos!

I get quite a few people reaching out about email marketing work, and recently had someone offer me a new role at their startup (I’m not looking for full-time work so I declined).

Upwork has been worthwhile. It’s worth it to make your profile really comprehensive and look at the search results for people doing the same thing. I’ve found that focusing in on specific platforms helps. So rather than saying I do email marketing or marketing automation, I mention I do SharpSpring marketing automation and Klaviyo email marketing. Clients usually already have projects doing and prefer someone that knows that specific tool.

Surveys & Studies

Mechanical Turk

For a while in my past, I was addicted to Mechanical Turk surveys. I had Chrome extensions and went on forums daily to make maybe $10 a day. Sometimes there were batches of tasks (HIITS) and I could make $50-$100 by just watching ads and clicking buttons. One task even had people writing letters to prisoners!

I don’t do MTurk anymore because I just don’t make enough on it to justify the time spent. But if you don’t have anything else to do and you’re on the computer a lot, you can make a few bucks here and there.

My Mechanical Turk Stats


My favorite site by far. It’s a way for researchers/businesses to find people to interview or have test out their app/website. They’ll ask for “People who buy only natural hair care products” or “Cancer patients” or industry professionals like doctors or marketers.

I apply to any study I qualify for. I’ve done less than 10, but I’ve made a few hundred dollars. Studies typically pay $30-$150 for an hour of your time. Sign up here! (I get $20 if you sign up with this link and do a study).

I recently did one for email marketers that paid $150 for a 30 minute interview. Not all of them pay that high, but every once in a while I find one.

Past Clients

I had a prior client on Upwork reach out a few times over the year and now I’m helping them with some hourly work throughout the week. This work isn’t part of my usual scope, but it doesn’t take up much of my time and I like having the extra income from another source.


By mentioning I do freelance email marketing, I got a referral! It was a small project but might lead to more work down the road.

I want to start getting better about asking clients and past clients for referrals. It might even help offering an incentive, like a finders-fee.

Seasonal/Temporary Work

For a few weeks I was working for the Census. They do it every 10 years. I had signed up FOREVER ago but because of the virus they pushed things back. I only did the work for 1.5 months, but I made about $500 out of it.

I had to go door to door, asking people to fill out the Census with me. I only got a handful of people to actually do the survey. Most either weren’t home or they said no. Luckily I didn’t get anyone rude, but on the Census subreddit I heard quite a few horror stories about getting yelled at, cops called, guns pulled.

It ended up being too little pay for the time I was putting in, so I resigned. But I’m sure I’ll sign up again in 10 years.

Future Ideas

I have a few website ideas planned: walk-through videos, conversion-focused website inspiration, an affiliate site. I haven’t decided on one yet, because I want to try each and see which holds my interest the longest.

I like the idea of having a site and trying to grow it. I have had a few sites over the years, but they were just little projects for myself. With these new ones, I want to try to make some money off them.

Things I Used to Do

Dog Walking

I used to do some dog walking in my apartment complex, back when there was a community-wide bulletin board. We don’t have the board anymore so I don’t get anyone anymore.


When I’m back home in Florida, I’m often trying to unload my old stuff on Craigslist. Over the years I’ve probably made around $1000 selling these things. If it doesn’t sell, I just donate.