Fiverr Experiment

I get quite a few requests on Upwork and want to see how Fiverr compares. On December 27 I created 2 gigs and plan to add more. This experiment is to see how much I can make from Fiverr, what gigs are most popular, and what types of clients are on the platform.

I’ve had good experiences with Upwork in the past because the work I’m doing is with two particular tools and there isn’t much competition.

I want to see if Fiverr is a good alternative for getting clients and projects. My hypothesis is that it attracts a lot of price conscious clients that are looking to save money and get a lower quality end result, and therefore they won’t turn into long-term clients.

With Fiverr, I will focus on a few of my skills:

  • Marketing and email automation
  • Conversion optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Google Analytics

Right now I have two gigs live:

  • Creating a high converting value proposition (Starting at $30)
  • Creating an abandoned cart email flow in Klaviyo (Starting at $50)

After searching around a bit, I see there is a ton of competition for very basic things like setting up Google Analytics or Tag Manager. Thumbnails people use for their gigs are really poorly done. I’m not sure if that’s a thing on Fiverr or people just don’t want to put that much effort into it. There are also a lot of unethical gigs like buying followers or getting traffic, though I’m not surprised.

What I plan to experiment with:

  • Pricing strategies
  • Types of gigs to offer
  • 1 package vs. 3 packages
  • What thumbnails work best?
    • Does putting my photo in the thumbnail increase clicks?
    • Does putting a US flag in the photo increase clicks? (Targeting people wanting US sellers only)
  • Adding a video

Update December 28 (Day 1)

Already had one message about the value proposition gig. I replied but as of 8PM I haven’t heard back.

Here are the stats for the gigs after 1 day:

  • Value proposition: 10 impressions, 3 clicks, 11 views, 0 orders
  • Abandoned Cart: 1 impression, 2 clicks, 2 views, 0 orders

Update January 5

The message I had on day one didn’t go anywhere. Seemed like they wanted work for free because they were messaging everything over and asking tons of questions. For a gig that starts at $30 I’m not going to spend an hour messaging back and forth. I think the value proposition gig may be too much effort for the price. I’ll see if I can come up with some other gigs that don’t require a lot of research.