Stuff I Like


Baymard Institute
A top resource for CRO and UX nerds 😉

Neilsen Norman
Lots of great research about UX

Marketing Experiments
I’m a big nerd that likes to read research about marketing and CRO.

It’s an app that lets you save articles to read later. I have it on my phone and laptop so I can save articles to read before I go to bed. I use it daily.

I like being able to save all the books I’ve read, want to read, and discover new ones.


The Weird, Dangerous, Isolated Life of the Saturation Diver
If you don’t know what a Saturation Diver is, you’ll find this really fascinating. If you like learning about off-beat jobs, you’ll like this.

Thousands of Women Say LuLaRoe’s Legging Empire Is a Scam
I find MLMs so fascinating, because they’re such obvious scams. It’s interesting to read about the people that join these and how the companies try to promote themselves as life-changing opportunities. If you’re interested by MLMs you might like the documentary Betting on Zero.

Too Many Men
This article from the Washington Post talks about the issues that are stemming from the preference for boys in India and China and how that is now affecting these grown men who want to move out and start families.

The Sorrow and the Shame of the Accidental Killer
From the New Yorker, this article talks about the troubles that haunt people that accidentally kill people and the hard time they have trying to cope with it. You can really feel for these people, because on the one hand they are not maliciously out to kill the victim, but they did end a life. How can you reconcile with that?

How E-Commerce is Transforming Rural China
Really interesting how far ahead of the US China is when it comes to e-commerce. They’re already using drones to deliver to rural areas.


This American Life
This episode of TAL is one of their best ones in a while. I really enjoy when they focus on one big story for the whole episode.

Made You Think
I love this whole podcast! Neil Soni and Nat Eliason talk about interesting books and ideas. I always walk away with new ideas.

Invisible Office Hours
Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook are just two cool guys in the internet business space, but they talk about random stuff like thought leaders, food, movies, shortcuts, dollar voting, and more.

Darknet Diaries
Stories from the darkside on the internet. I liked this one about how people are gaming the Apple Podcast charts.

Founder of Mizzen and Main talks to others growing businesses. I got tired of business podcasts pretty fast, but this one has renewed my interest.

99 Percent Invisible
Learn more about the world around us. Like what happens to Pizza Huts after another business buys the building (Used to Be a Pizza Hut). And learn about what a curb cut is (they’re everywhere!).

Reply All
If you’re into internet subcultures and Reddit and learning about weird internet-related things, you’ll like Reply All. Learn how people can hack your social media through 2FA to steal your handle and how dogs get famous online.

Documentaries You May Like

Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Everyone recommends this, but it’s still a favorite of mine.

The Queen of Versailles
A look into the life of a time-share magnate who’s trying to build the largest home in the US. I enjoy looking into the lives of people who have such different values than me. This is one of those documentaries where I remember how different people are from each other.

Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
This tiny bank in Chinatown is the only casualty of the 2008 recession. The government wanted to make an example of someone and they chose a bank nobody has ever heard of.

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
Scientology (and religion in general) is something I don’t know much about. Really enjoyed learning more about this group as it helps me define my own opinion about them. L. Ron Hubbard is such a fascinating guy to read about. I had read Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion by Janet Reitman years ago and it helped me get a clearer picture of this group and how L. Ron Hubbard came to be such a leader.

Photo: A cool sticker I found in Taipei