A list of all the random ideas I keep in my Google Keep app.

Websites or Web Apps

  • Podcast recommendation engine
  • Where should I travel next?
  • What should I learn next?
  • Random recipe
  • Workout suggestor
  • Recommend cool person to follow on Twitter
  • Recommend cool YouTube channel to follow
  • Really cool companies: Profiles of interesting companies.
  • Help my business: Listings of tiny projects that companies need help with and are willing to take a chance with newbie marketers that need the experience.
  • 5 things to do: 5 things to do in popular cities.
  • Best of the Best: Collections of the best products in certain categories based on reviews from different sites like Amazon, WireCutter, etc.. Like an aggregation of top products.
  • Really cool people: Profiles of cool people in different industries, podcasts they’ve been on, youtube videos. I always get interested in different people and then go through all of their videos, interviews, etc. and then try to find more people like them.
  • Best Button Color: When people Google “what’s the best button color?” they’ll click this site and just see “NONE, stop AB testing this” or something else snarky :p
  • What’s in your bag?: Videos and articles showing what’s in digital nomads’ travel bags.


Some random self-experimentation ideas I’d like to try out.

  • Standing at least 8 hours a day
  • Reading books that challenge my thinking
  • No coffee after 2
  • No buying things except food
  • Reducing use of phone to just 2 hours a day
  • Vegan or vegetarian week
  • Stop reading online articles unless I will read the whole thing

Business Ideas

  • Rewards for business employees: Businesses sign up and we find random gifts to surprise employees. Employees fill out a survey or profile of interests when hired and they can update whenever.
  • QA agency just for A/B tests
  • Conversion Optimization for charities
  • Best pillow ever: I have an awesome pillow that I can’t sleep without and will take travelling. I even got one for my girlfriend and my family use them too.
  • Getting your first marketing job book
  • Budgeting spreadsheets for $5 (call it $5 finance)