Energy & Schedules

I optimize the times I do things during the day based on my energy levels. It’s taken a while to figure out but I’ve finally got the hang of it.

This is my prime time. It is silent, nobody else is awake. I get up at 5:00 after sleeping about 7-8 hours. I feel awake and refreshed. The first thing I do is take the dog outside so that is taken care of before I start working, otherwise I don’t like interrupting my workflow.

I work from 6am to 11-12pm every weekday. This is the time I’ve found where I’m most refreshed and alert. Any more time than this and I start to get distracted and lose focus. I may check emails in the late afternoon for west coast clients.

I exercise once per day. Sometimes it’s around 11am after I finish working. Sometimes it’s later in the afternoon. But there are very few times that I won’t work out like travel days.

I have coffee twice per day. Once when I wake up and another around 12-2 pm.

Afternoons are when I start relaxing. I have already gotten my work done. If I need to run errands I try to do them as early as possible. Around 5pm I start wanting to really relax by watching TV, sitting outside, reading, writing.

When the weather is nice I try to work outside. I find that this makes me feel like I have more energy. Being indoors makes me feel sluggish and stale. When I’m outside I’m in a different environment and my mind opens up. (Like right now!)