80 20 pie chart

How I work 5 hours a day

I’ve been at my current job about 2 years, with no plans to leave anytime soon.

I’m usually working 5-6 hours a day.

In that 5 hours, I’m getting a lot done.

We’re focusing on the 80/20 principle for our work. And it helps immensely.

It’s not literally 80/20, but it’s focusing on the few tasks that will make the biggest impact, rather than letting the small random tasks that pop up take over my schedule.

One question my colleague mentioned that we can ask ourselves is “What can I do this week that will make my client happiest?”

It’s a great way to determine if you should work on task A or B.

You can’t work on everything and it can be easy to try to do 10 little tasks to avoid the 1-2 bigger projects that are looming.

I also use a flashcard to prioritize my work.

We mainly do A/B testing so that takes priority. But there are other projects as well like setting up email marketing for 2 clients, doing site research for a new client, and setting up tests for a trial client.

On days I know I will be analyzing a few tests, I only write down one other task to do. On days where I have no tests to analyze or QA, I will write 2-3 tasks.

For the week, I will put down 1 major task for each client that I should accomplish that would make them happiest.

If I don’t get to everything on my flashcard but I get those main tasks done, then I used my time efficiently.

At my old job, I used to feel a lot of pressure to get everything done as fast as possible. But it’s really not feasible.

There are always little tasks that come up, but I don’t let those get in the way of the main priorities. Instead I put them on my flashcard to prioritize later.

It’s easy to get “busy” doing every task that comes your way. But focusing on the ones that make the biggest difference has helped me manage my time better and not made me feel stressed or overworked.

I currently have 3 clients, 1 trial client, and 1 client we’re doing research for. We may even be onboarding another client (which will be mine as well).

It may sound like a lot, but I’m able to get 80% of my work done in just 5-6 hours a day.

Later, I’ll write about the flashcard technique I use. I’m sure other people use it too. I used to write everything on a piece of paper, but I realized that the tasks should all fit on a flashcard or else there are too many tasks for 1 week.